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Self-Adhesive Caulk Tape

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Self-Adhesive Caulk Tape 


- Reusable Nano Adhesive Tape Double-Sided Traceless Washable Gel Tape Anti-Slip.
- Corner Design: Keep your corner clean Stop dust, bugs and oil from getting inside your hidden wall corner. Keeps your wall corner easy to clean. Provide a healthier kitchen to your family.
- Waterproof: Multi-function This item could be used on different places. Use it on the kitchen desk to avoid oil. Or use it in bathtub to keep your wall corner dry.
- Free Cutting: Flexible Made with high quality PE material. Pre-shaped for fast and easy. Simply peel and press self-adhesive strip to the surface in minutes. No tools, no mess, hassle and waste, easy alternative to regular caulk.

- Please completely clean the surface and make sure it is dry, remove any existing silicone caulking prior to installation.
- Please heat the gum by hair dryer for better stickiness before usage.
- It can be applied to any flat and smooth surface like tile, marble, glass, painted wood, etc.
- It is suggested to install the strip above 25 Celsius degrees. It will not stick quite good If it' s too cold.
- Firmly press the strip after installation, and wait about 8-10 hours to use.

1. Material: PE
2. Size: as chosen 
3. Colour: White
4. Weight: 103.2g
5. Package: opp package

Package includes:
1 pcs x Caulk Tape

Self-Adhesive Caulk Tape

How to install self-adhesive caulk tape

For proper adhesion, please follow the instructions carefully. Utilize proper protective equipment when completing this project. Review all cautionary information on each manufacturer label for guidance.


Preparing the surface is critical to successful adhesion of self-adhesive caulk tape.

  • Remove all existing caulk. Paint thinner or mineral spirits can be used to soften caulk prior to removal.
  • Thoroughly clean the surface with scouring powder to remove all residue, and then rinse with water.
  • Wipe previously caulked areas with rubbing alcohol. 4. Dry all surfaces thoroughly.

  • Measure the side of the tub where you would like to apply the caulk and cut the strip of caulk to length.
  • Pre-bend strip of caulk by folding it at the score line that runs down the middle to form a 90° angle.

  • Without removing caulk backing, place one end of the pre-bent strip in the corner where the tub and floor meet. Take care to keep caulk from getting wet during application.
  • Starting in the corner, peel a small section of the backing from the top half of the strip. Press top half of strip firmly to the tub. Work carefully to avoid having to reposition the strip once adhered.
  • Working in small sections at a time, continue to slowly pull off the backing and press the strip firmly to the tub until the entire top half of the strip adheres.
  • Repeat process for bottom half of strip. Press bottom half of strip firmly against the floor to complete installation.
  • Prevent water contact with caulk for a minimum of 12 hours after installation.


The Self-Adhesive Caulk Tape is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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